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Research & Development

As a specialty biopharmaceutical company, our aims is to identify, develop and commercialize important, new, biotherapeutic products that save lives by preventing or treating serious medical conditions. We are committed to significantly investing in future R&D portfolio and capabilities in the areas of Oncology, Immunology and allied specialties.

As a Pharma-based company, Rosefinch lifesciences dedicates itself to providing our scientists with powerful and innovative tools to screen potential new drugs and identify promising targets for treating medical conditions. In pursuit of drugs with new mechanisms of action and new delivery systems to treat conditions, our research seeks to enhance the effectiveness and safety of drug therapy.

Our researchers and clinicians have expertise in Oncology, Immunology, neurology, pharmacology, pharmaceutics, molecular biology, combinatorial chemistry, In-Silico Drug Designing and other scientific disciplines.


Rosefinch LifeSciences has developed the target specific biopharmaceuticals addressing many of the highest priority disease targets in the pharmaceutical industry. Company has created spectrum of molecules - MRT701, MRT702, MRT703, MRT704, MRT705 which have shown outstanding preclinical efficacy in in-vitro models of Cancer.

Rosefinch LifeSciences is also focusing on the Multi Drug Resistance (MDR). MDR Reverter Molecule, – MDP7 has also shown good preclinical study result, which control and re-establishes the drug efficacy and efflux through ABC transporters in the target tissue showing inducible chemotherapy resistance. The approach is applicable to over 20 targets contained in our proprietary database, including several chemokines and growth factors.

R & D Partnerships

Rosefinch LifeSciences has established and continues to maintain strong long standing strategic partnerships with academic institutions and other related companies. These collaborative partnerships support a range of innovative research programs, including both basic and applied research in therapeutics and recombinant biotechnology.